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A High John Records Production

Director                                           Phillip Cruess

Executive Producer                   Robert Auerbach

Producers                                      Lissette Cruess

Kid Ramos

Clarke Rigsby

Bob Corritore


Musical Director                         Kid Ramos

Engineering and mix                  Clarke Rigsby, Tempest Recording

Assisted by                                     Aaron Feller

Recorded June 1 & 2, 2006 at the Rhythm Room, Phoenix, AZ

Music mastered by                     David Shirk, Sonorous Mastering

Photography by                           Astor Morgan, Lighthouse Elements

Publicity by                                    David Budge, Red Rooster Publicity

Rhythym Room GM                   Mona Lisa Watkins

Support                                            Tamara Bill

Scott Maddox

Mona Watkins

Connie Brown

Pat Morgan

Onnie Heany

On-Site Director                          John Gibson, Wavebase

Crew Chief                                      Kim Walton

Lighting Director                         Dave Andress

Camera                                             Jackson Saunders

Brodie Keane

Joey Blanford

Live Editing                                   Tony Blanford

Location Engineer                      Ray Pernot


Vocals and Piano                         Floyd Dixon

Willie “Pinetop” Perkins

Henry Gray

Guitar and Musical Director   Kid Ramos

Vocals                                                Johnny Tucker

Bass                                                     Larry Taylor

Drums                                                 Richard “Bigfoot” Innes

Baritone Sax                                    Troy Jennings

Tenor Sax                                         Steve Marsh

Trumpet                                            Joe Banks

Organ                                                  Fred Kaplan

Harmonica                                        Kim Wilson

Harmonica                                        Lynwood Slim


Interviews conducted by           Kim Wilson,    Musician

Brett Bonner, Editor, Living Blues Magazine

Bob Corritore, The Rhythm Room

Filmed on Location June & August 2012, Los Angeles, CA

Director of Photography         Daniel Castillo

Additional Camera                      Aaron Inman

Artwork                                           Gregorio Gonzalez

Video Editing & Graphics         Phillip Cruess

Interviews conducted by          Lissette Cruess

Phillip Cruess


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